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The District would like to congratulate the 2009 Recycling Awards Winners.

The Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Joint Solid Waste Management District awarded their fourth annual Recycling Awards. The Recycling Awards are designed to recognize outstanding individuals, groups and businesses for their commitment to recycling and solid waste reduction. The 2009 winners are as follows:

Stark County Winners
  Mary Ann Pezel Individual Winner

The District would like to thank and congratulate Mary Ann Pezel.  We had the privilege of meeting Ms. Pezel.  Ms. Pezel should be an example to all of us.  She works hard to practice what she preaches.  She cares about her environment and its health.  Ms. Pezel recycles every thing and every thing she possibly can.  She will also encourage others to do so also, if they choose not to she will volunteer to do so herself.  Ms. Pezel is an all around good person and recycler!

  Christ Lutheran Church Group Winner

The District would like to thank and congratulate Christ Lutheran Church in Massillon.  They have done a fantastic job taking care of their church and community.  For the past five years the church and its families have worked very hard to become greener by taking responsibility.  Some of their program include but are not limited to aluminum, paper, batteries, weekly flower containers, and plastic recycling.  Thank you Christ Lutheran for being great stewards of our environment!

  Massillon Cable TV Business Award

The District would like to thank and congratulate Massillon Cable. For the past three years Massillon Cable has worked to achieve greener practices threw out their business.  Massillon Cable purchased their own bailer for cardboard, recycles aluminum, steel, and plastic through the premises, removes and recycles batteries, recycles paper, encourages employees to bring in their own recyclables, recycles old cable equipment and continues to look at all areas of business to reduce consumption and greenhouse emissions.Many businesses could learn a lesson or two from Massillon’s exemplary initiative to keep our planet green.

Tuscarawas County Winners
  Viola Miller Individual Winner

Viola was mentored in recycling by her mother-in-law, Clara,  who recycled before it was the “thing to do”  Encouraged by her “Green” daughters she has expanded her recycling efforts from just aluminum cans to food waste, composting, paper and all the others.

Carrying this philosophy into her role at Camp Buckeye Viola has helped create awareness with summer kid campers as well as adult guest groups.  Another big factor has been in purchases made for camp.  Buying in bulk, buying local & fresh, and actually making their own detergent have all contributed to a more environmentally friendly atmosphere.  She is proud at the next generation’s awareness and willingness to work seriously at preserving the Earth!!  Viola Miller has shown much interest in our recycling programs in Tuscarawas County.  She is an advocate for the environment, environmental education, and our planet in general.       

  Dover East Elementary TAG Group Winner
Dover East Elementary Tag Group


  Allied Machine & Engineering Corp Business Winner

Allied Machine & Engineering Corporation (AMEC) has been a long time business in Tuscarawas County.  Since 1941 AMEC has been making sharp, tough and precise drilling tools.   Because of their fiscal responsibility and continuous improvements they have become the world’s leading manufacturer in their field.  Recycling is an outgrowth of fiscal responsibility.  At least 15 years ago, AMEC started recycling aluminum soda cans.  Since then they have also been recycling fluorescent lights bulbs, batteries, cardboard, and most recently paper. 

Over the years AMEC’s recycling efforts have extended the life of landfills, created a good public image, reduced air, water, and land pollution, and obtained revenue from the sale of recycled materials.  AMEC not only recycles and has been recycling for a long time, they also recycle as a team.  The whole organization is behind the effort and supports it willingly and wholeheartedly. 
Wayne County Winners
  Fran Fuller Individual Winner
  Fredericksburg Ruritan Club Group Winner

Ruritan is a civic service organization made up of local clubs in urban areas, small towns and rural communities. The Fredericksburg Ruritan Club organizes numerous events like The Annual Independence Day Parade, Merchants Day, Monthly Recycling assistance, Litter Pick-Up twice a year and they also choose one dedicated high school senior for a scholarship per year.

The funds donated from Merchants Day are used to fund projects that give back to the town.  For example, one of their ongoing projects is the “Town Beautification Project” (or TB Project).  Just a few things that they have done is place pots of beautiful flowers throughout the town, updated Mitchell Park with summer annuals, replaced pavers and cleaned the benches to make it more of an inviting space & donated to the elementary school to have tulips planted.

Twice a year Ruritan members donate their time by picking up trash along Fredericksburg Road. It’s not the most glamorous volunteer work that they do but they feel it’s important to keep their community litter free and looking its best. The members in the Fredericksburg Ruritan Club are hard-working and are devoted to improving Fredericksburg.

  Genesis Concepts Unlimited LLC Business Winner

With an extensive background working in the plastics industry, President Daniel Welsh has taken his dream and made it a reality in starting Genesis Concepts Unlimited. His dream has taken root in Wayne County, Ohio as an innovative and creative producer of recycled products using old tires. Looking to re-purpose some 5 million tires that are discarded annually in northeast Ohio, Welsh has plenty of raw material to make into new products. The tires are split, separating the steel beading and mesh for recycling. The rubber is made into slivers, crumbs, and granules which can be used in making running tracks, playground surfaces, mulch, horse arena footing and tire-derived fuel.  Tire derived fuels can burn cleaner and hotter than coal at less of a cost. 

“We took a problem (discarded tires) and made it into a treasure”.   “We have accomplished everything we set out to do in 3 years”.  “By recycling and re-purposing tires” Welsh says, “The tire problem could be eliminated”. 



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