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Sources of Free & Inexpensive Materials
Click here to find a list of sources that can provide you with ways to collect free and inexpensive materials for your crafts.
Craft of the Month
Pinecone Bird Feeder Birds will go crazy over your homemade bird feeder.    
Ball Catcher      
Bathtub Fish For little kids - they can use this in the tub!    
Grocery Bag Flower      
Picture Frame Using an old CD case, you can make this awesome picture frame.    
Piggy Bank A great craft for preschoolers - they can start saving their coins at a young age.
Pop Bottle Candleholders Using a 2-liter bottle, you can make 2 candleholders.    
Recycled Bottle Fish Made from a plastic water or pop bottle.    
Treasurer in a Bottle Using old plastic bottles, kids can make this fun treasure game.    
Bookmarks Take your old file folders and turn them into bookmarks as gifts for friends and family.
Flowers You can make these cool flowers for your mom for Mother's Day or her birthday.
Mancala Game Make a fun kids game using empty egg cartons.    
Magazine Angel Take an old Reader's Digest and turn it into an angel.
Napkin Rings Make napkin rings for each holiday or special occasion.    
Newspaper Gift Wrap Instead of using regular wrapping paper, try using this paper instead - it's recyclable!
Pencil Holder Make a recycled pencil holder for your desk at work.    
Picture Puzzle Frame If you have old puzzle pieces lying around, this craft is perfect for you.    
Recycled Paper Beads Used these beads to make a bracelet or necklace.    
Tissue Box Photo Album Make these cute photo album using your old square tissue boxes.    
Coffee Can Drum Creative a drum to go along with your finger cymbals.  
Coffee Can Lantern If you are going camping for the weekend, these are great to use and easy to make.  
Finger Cymbals By using 2 lids from baby food jars, you can creative this fun musical instrument.  
Paperclip Necklace Usually anyone can find enough paperclips around the house to make one of them.  
Pie Plate Picture Frame After finishing your pie, use the plate to make a picture frame.  
Pop Can End Table You only need to drink 36 cans of pop to make this interesting end table.  
Pop Can Maracas Make these fun instruments out of recycled pop cans and rice!    
Tin Can Bean Bag Toss Not quite like cornhole, but this fun game made from tuna cans is sure to please.  
Tin Can Pencil Holder Use an empty tin food can and recycled tissue paper, to create a fun pencil holder.  
Tin Can Telephone Remember making these as a kid using two food cans and some string.    
Bottled Bath Oils Using recycled glass bottles, add mineral oil and essential oil to create your own bath oil.  
Broken-China Flowerpots Use broken china to make a creative flowerpot.    
Candle Holder Using recycling baby food jars, you can create a lovely votive candle holder.  
Candy Jar Make your very own decorative candy jar using a recycled glass jar, beads or candy.  
Light Bulb Art Make interesting artwork using old burnt out light bulbs.    
Nightlight/Air Freshener Take an old glass jar or vase and make into a nightlight that smells.    
Pencil Holder Create a recycled pencil holder using masking tape and shoe polish.    
Recycled Vase This vase is perfect if you have flowers you would like to display (real or fake).  
Snow Globe Snow globes are best made at Christmas time & used as decorations around your house.  
Treasure Hunt This is a perfect game for kids to play and fun to make.    
Bath Tub Scrubber A great new way to scrub your bath tub.    
Business Card Holder Using your out-of-date cassette tape holders, make professional business card holders.  
Ornament Diffuser This diffuser is made using an old Christmas tree ornament.  
Fossils The fossils you make can be turned into a Christmas ornament for your tree.  
Hairy Pet Sort of like a Chia Pet, but made from recycled materials.    
Paper Hat These are great for your kids birthday party.    
Pizza Box Stepping Stones Make these great stepping stones with the help of a pizza box.    
Plate Clock Kids - This is a great idea to give to your parents for a holiday or birthday present.  
Pom Pom Garland Make really inexpensive flowers for your house.    
Potpourri Sachets Using old pieces of fabric, you can make these sachets to place around your house.
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