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The Recycling Makes Sense Program replaced the District's current Recycling Grants Program beginning in 2007.  All existing and new residential curbside and drop-off programs sponsored by or on behalf of units of local government will be eligible for funding.
The goals of Recycling Makes Sense Program are as follows:
  • To substantially increase residential recycling rates;
  • To create a results-driven, incentive based grant program which will encourage all recycling stakeholders to improve and enhance programs to achieve greater waste reduction rates;
  • To foster greater cooperation across the District and encourage stakeholders to share successful ideas and programs, and to spurt greater innovation and efficiency in existing programs;
  • To create an equitable system for funding recycling programs.  Under the existing funding system, there are significant differences in the relative amounts of District funding provided to different communities and programs.  The Recycling Makes Sense Program will create a consistent and fair funding system;
  • To create a sustainable recycling infrastructure throughout the District.  The District does not have enough funding to fully subsidize recycling programs throughout the District.  A mixture of user fees (for curbside programs), greater program efficiencies, revenues from materials (through cooperative selling arrangements), and cooperative funding with unites of local government must be used to ensure a truly sustainable recycling system.
The performance standards will be calculated on quarterly basis; however if at the end of the year the program meets the overall target, the performance bonus(es) will be paid retroactively.  This approach recognizes that certain quarters, especially during the winter months, may have lower participation that will be made up for in the warmer months.  In addition, it provides incentive for programs to boost their totals by holding special events or conducting special education programs in order to earn the bonus money at the end of the year.
To see the funding schedule under the Recycling Makes Sense Program, click here.
RMS Grantees - click here for the link to ReTrac.
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