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The Waste Audit Manual includes a step-by-step explanation on conducting a waste audit, information on developing an education plan, implementing the audit findings, usable sample contract documents, guide to indoor/outdoor recycling containers, how to finance, etc.

The District will take new steps to reach out to the commercial and industrial sectors to provide technical assistance for recycling, source reduction, reuse and composting.  At a minimum, this will be accomplished by contracting, via a targeted mailing, local commercial businesses and industrial operations in order to offer waste audits.  The District will target at least four commercial businesses and two industrial operations during each year of the planning period and offer waste audits.  These audits will evaluate the waste streams of each business/industry, current disposal practices and costs, current recycling practices and costs, and make recommendations for recycling, source reduction, reuse and composting.

The audits will be offered at the expense of the District and will be used to help businesses/industries realize the costs savings associated with the specific recommendations.  The waste audits will also include a marketing component to help the business/industries identify outlets for marketing recyclable materials or reusing the materials.  Waste audits will be offered no later than the second year of the planning period.

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